Pierless Boat Rentals


The traditional paddling vessel, most of our canoes seat 2.  We do have a couple that will accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.  1 hr: $10, 2 hr: $15, 4 hr: $30, 8 hr: $50

Pierless has the best selection of human powered boat rentals on Green Lake.  We have Stand Up Paddleboards(SUP's), single and tandem kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats.  We also rent bikes!

  We have two miles of lakefront and many miles of bike trails on our property.  Whether you like to pedal or paddle, we have great options for you.

  We don't take reservations for these rentals, but we do have a large inventory and rarely have wait times.


Tandem Kayaks

Tandem sit-on-top Hobie kayaks for those who want to paddle with a partner.  1 hr: $15, 2 hr: $25, 4 hr: $40, 8 hr: $60

Solo Kayaks

Sit-in style solo kayaks are available for a quiet cruise along the lakeshore.  1 hr: $10, 2 hr: $15, 4 hr: $30, 8 hr: $50

Human Powered Boat Rentals and Bikes

Pedal Boats

Pedal boats can seat up to 4. 1 hr: $10, 2 hr: $15, 4 hr: $30


We have a good selection of bikes for adults and youth.  The Conference Center offers many miles of roads and bike paths. 1 hr: $10, 2 hr: $15, 4 hr: $25, 8 hr: $40  

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP's)

Try out the newest trend in watersports!  We will fit you with a paddle and give you all the instruction you need for a successful paddle.  1 hr: $15, 2 hr: $25, 4 hr: $40, 8 hr: $60